so much has happened but i can barely remember any of it. everythings hazy. ive lost all motivation to update this thing.. bleh.



check out these other sexy bastards..

eat those!


the sky is on fire.

cant sleep.. im too sober to sleep. my sleep schedules all screwed. gotta cut down on double boxes, 420 sunrise sessions and everything in between..  i think a 30? day hiatus needs to be arranged. (starting next month?.. or probably next year).

i just remembered its thanksgiving today.. its already past 7.. probly wont sleep. gah i need some kill.

hope everyone has a good thanksgiving. gobble gobble yall.


R.I.P. Madison

funky tracks & nickel sacks.. 420am session.

geeked. nice late night walking session, away from the usual box or post. got to catch up with a good friend. watched some infomercials.. the multimaster tool one was fuckin intense and i think that everyone needs to get one of those.  we found out that “telephone numbers” in dutch is “telefoonnummers” and we also found out that we can pretty much understand dutch just by sounding it out and guessing which english word it sounds closest to.. guess what Donderdagmiddag means?

btw, got to see Quantum of Solace yesterday.. twas pretty dope. they had chase scenes for days, had everything covered, land-water-air and everything in between. and damn, Olga Kurylenko as a bond girl is wassup, flyest of the fly candidate worthy.

ps. fcuk the bullshit and keep your ears fed:

  • milkbone- keep it real
  • flying lotus- tea leaf dancers
  • nujabes- ristorante side A
  • nate dogg- regulate
  • estelle ft. john legend- you are

get lifted. stay up.



havent posted in a while.. been kinda busy being lazy, catching up with people, and adjusting to this depressing Seattle weather. but hey its all good.. i made it back home.. we now have a black president.. how can it get any better?! it feels fuckin great to be back. but at the same time i cant help but wonder if i made the right decision or not. i have all these “what if’s” runnin thru my head and i kinda start to regret coming back. In a way, everything feels the same as it was but at the same time, everything is different. and im not sure if thats a good or a bad thing. wow, i started this post on a kinda upbeat note and it somehow transitioned into a mildly depressing one. fuck bush, fuck liars, fuck slues, fuck this weather, fuck the police. i need a job, i need a break from substances, i need something to do, i need something new, i need change?… Obama?


this past weekend has been filled with bomb ass food. on saturday night we had dinner at some random place called UNO.. had lunch the next day at peace hotel, the food there was and shit.. then ended the day with seafood at aling tonya’s. i would have to say that this place has some of the best filipino style seafood ive ever had. foreal dough.. damn. if you dont go there, its like having this done to ya..


foreal tho, the food is as awesome as this picture. it hurts so goood.











my dumb ass slammed the car door on my own fingers yesterday, i dont know how but when i did i almost immediately thought about snowboarding. hah good times..

the season needs to get here faster. i cant wait.



the excitement of going back to seattle has finally settled in.. i cant fall asleep to save my life.

now that i think about it, i kinda wanna stay and go to a university here, girls+uniforms=dizzam and girls+skinny jeans=dizzamzam.

taking filipino classes i can do, but having to take theology and catholic classes is not wassup (for me at leasts).

ps quitting smoking is not helping right now.  stay strong  j hah.